Pocket Size New World Translation Bible Smooth Leather Cover With New Page Edging

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Smooth Leather Color:
Spine Options:
Tetragrammaton Stamped on Lower Half of Spine:
Page Edging: Charcoal Speckle with Silver Lettering Charcoal Speckle with Gold Lettering Charcoal Speckle with Rose Gold Lettering Red Speckle with Silver Lettering Red Speckle with Gold Lettering Red Speckle with Rose Gold Lettering Silver Gilding with Silver Lettering Rose Gold Gilding with Rose Gold Lettering
Ribbon Markers:
Name on Cover:
(Max 18 Characters)
(Add $6.99)
Second Line Text-Date or Scripture:
(Max 18 Characters)
(Add $6.99)
Style of Print for Name and Second Line:
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Due to low demand, we have found it necessary to end our Leather Binding services. We do have a small stock of Bibles; so while supplies last, you don’t need to send in a Bible to be rebound when ordering this item.

Pocket Size New World Translation Bible bound in a soft to the touch, premium calfskin leather which allows for flexible, bendable cover. Offers a smooth finish with the beauty of natural markings. Includes two satin ribbon markers which are sealed to prevent fraying. Choose from one of four Bible titles. Unlike other companies, we oversew our books. Oversewing dramatically strengthens the binding and increases the longevity of the book. Comes standard with Speckled Edging. Silver or Rose Gold Edging is an additional charge. Our Silver and Rose Gold Edging is much more durable than the Silver Edging on the new Grey Bible. Choose from a wide variety of options that allow you to personalize the Bible exactly the way you want and within your budget. Add your name and a date or scripture that has personal meaning to you. Raised ribs on the spine create a more elegant look and more ribbon markers can help you keep track of those important scriptures.

Any item that is personalized may not be returned unless there is a defect or an error on our part.


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What is the difference between Faux Leather, Textured Leather, and Smooth Leather?
What is the difference between Speckled Edge and Gilded Edge?
What is your return policy?
What is the difference between the different spine options?

What is the difference between Faux Leather, Textured Leather, and Smooth Leather?
Faux Leather
This is a polyurethane material similar to what is on the new grey Bible but with a different finish. It is imported from Italy and looks and feels like real leather. This is a very durable material. The color runs completely through it; so even if the surface becomes worn from very heavy usage, it doesn’t diminish the look. Foil stamping looks great on Faux Leather and is long lasting. It is a man made material, so it has a very consistent look and feel. This is a cover material suitable for those that need a less expensive option for covering their Bible but still want something that is durable and elegant looking.

Textured Leather
This is a pigskin leather. It has a slightly glossy finish with a grain running through it. The grain is varied, so no two covers will look identical. It is the stiffest of the cover materials we offer but still allows for a bendable cover. It is very rugged and resists getting dirty. This cover material is recommended for those that are likely to put a lot of wear and tear on their Bibles or live in harsher weather conditions.

Smooth Leather
This is a top of the line cowhide leather. It has a soft, rich feel and comes in the greatest variety of color. The finish varies between a matte look to a very, very light gloss. It is more likely to have natural markings and mild creases running through it and has a very light grain. While this is a high-end leather product and can last for decades, it does need to be treated a little more gently because of the softer finish. This cover material is recommended for those that want a beautiful, rich feeling Bible cover and are able to properly care for their Bible.

What is the difference between Speckled Edge and Gilded Edge?
We offer a Charcoal and Red speckled edge on our books. This is a dye that is randomly applied to the edge of the pages. The random application means that no two books will look the same. Some may have smaller dye splotches while others will have larger splotches. The white page edge is still visible, so over time it will begin to look dirty where it is handled regularly because of the natural oils on your fingers. The dye penetrates the page edge so the speckles themselves will not fade over time. This edging is least likely to show damage to the page edge.

We offer Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold gilding on our books. The foil edge gives the Bible a very rich and elegant look. This is a foil that is applied to the page edges through a heat process. It is not painted or sprayed on. The application process will at times create a slight variation in the finish. Our gilding will last longer and is not affected by water the way the silver edging on the new grey Bibles is. The foil is on top of the page edge, so over time the foil may begin to fade where it is handled regularly. This can also be caused by oils and other materials that may be on your fingers. If the Bible is not handled with care, the gilding can also begin to show scratches and other markings. This is recommended for those that want a richer look to their Bibles and are able to care for their Bibles properly.

What is your return policy?
Faux Leather, Textured Leather, and Smooth Leather books come with a 30-day warranty. Leather bound books may not be returned unless the item is defective or there was an error on our part. If you find an error, please contact us as soon as possible so we may correct it for you. 
Contact us before returning the item so we can provide you with instructions on the best way to return the item. This will help you save money and insure there are no problems with the return. In an effort to save you money, we may ask for digital pictures of a damaged or defective item if you are able to provide them.

What is the difference between the different spine options?
Blank Spine
You can still have the Matching Bible Title and Tetragrammaton stamped, but no additional decoration is added.
3 Double Bars on Spine
With this option, three decorative bars will be stamped onto the cover material. This is similar to what is currently found on the new grey New World Translation Bible.
3 Raised Ribs With Bars on Spine
This option adds three raised ribs with decorative bars stamped above and below each rib. The rib is not flush with the cover material but feels like a little bump. It is created by adding a leather strip under the cover material. It adds a very clean but elegant look to the book. This is a decorative element and does not improve the structure or durability of the book.


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