2021 Convention Notebook with Convention Program

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Size: 5 1/4" x 7 3/4"
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We are currently working on producing the  2021 Notebook with Program. It will be available sometime in the first half of May.


Beginning of notebook contains Regional Convention Program with page numbers for each talk. This allows you to easily find that point you want to share with someone else. The top of each note page has the theme for each convention day, time of scheduled talk, title of talk, theme scripture for talk, and space to write down the speaker's name and date. Spiral bound. 120 pages.

Reviewed by Ruby M, 08/03/2019

Ruby M.

Reviewed by Peggy L, 07/28/2019

Wish it was a larger size. Still very pleased with the product

Reviewed by Myra P, 06/13/2019

My sisters and I LOVE this Regional Convention notebook! This is the second year we've ordered these. It is very useful especially to our mother having the program and names of talks all included. Thank you for such an efficient product!

Reviewed by Myra P, 06/13/2019

Parker M
My sisters and I LOVE this Regional Convention notebook! This is the second year that we have orders these. It is very useful to our mother because it has the program and names of talks already in them. Thank u so much for this book! Please continue to make these!

Reviewed by Patricia T, 06/13/2019

P.Turner 6/13/2019
My family love the Convention book's.they are the right size and the price is very affordable.We look forward to ordering them ever year.our daughter have hands problems but the book is easy for her to hold it and for her to take good notes.we love themπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Reviewed by Anissa C, 06/11/2019

A. Cochrane - I love this notebook i received so many inquiries and it has enough pages for each talk absolutely love it

Reviewed by RUTH P, 06/11/2019

Perfect size and enough pages to take notes. Love that the full program is in the front and then each page has the program listed on top also.

Reviewed by James C, 06/08/2019

I have bought your convention notebook in the past then bought one from another site last year ... yours has more pages and room to write theirs was half the pages and I’m a note taker when I take notes. I ordered again from you this in behalf of my in laws who wanted them again since. I will be using my tablet for note taking but this would be the notebook I would use if I wanted a convention themed book

Reviewed by Gwen G, 05/26/2019

Ordered my notebooks for the convention, my 5th year now, for my family & one for a sister in my cingregation. We love them & the sister loved hers! They are the perfect size for note taking. I use to order the faux leather however, these are a very nice quality as well. Please keep making them...

Reviewed by Ramona T, 05/21/2019

R.T. Quite handy, compact and well put together. I'm on my third 'gift' πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—, ... internationals, at that !!! πŸ˜‰

Reviewed by Victoria C, 05/14/2019

I LOVE the books that I ordered. They are PERFECT for my upcoming International Convention! Thank you!

Reviewed by Patricia A, 04/30/2019

Love the notebook, however the title of talk should be on only one page which would allow for additional space for notes.

Reviewed by Sandra N, 04/16/2019

Once again I have ordered this notebook and I look forward to using it next month. As always my order came promptly and the notebook is very pretty. It is a wonderful product! I love it!

Reviewed by Patricia T, 04/15/2019

Reviewed by P.T 4/15/2019
The size of these Notebooks is perfect.It fits just right in our hands.My family look forward every year to receiving these Notebooks.The price is very
affordable.We love it.We can't
wait to used them in August at the IC this year. I always order more as a gift .

Reviewed by Patricia T, 04/15/2019

Reviewed by P. Turner 4/15/2019
The size of these Notebooks is perfect.It fits just right in our hands my family look forward every year to receiving these Notebooks.The price is very affordable.I always order more as a gift.looking forward this year at the IC to use these Notebooks

Reviewed by SANDRA S, 04/12/2019


Reviewed by Weusi K, 07/11/2018

W Kennebrew Atlanta. So awesome and handy to have the program in the book. Will be able to review more efficiently with everything in on place. Gave as gift.

Reviewed by Ruby M, 07/07/2018

Thank you for equipping us with such an amazingly beautiful printed notebook for the Region Convention. Please keep providing these items! Love, love, love themπŸ’

Reviewed by Tasha B, 06/21/2018

Tasha Brelland
Very pleased with the notebooks! It makes it very convenient and organized to take notes.

Reviewed by Anissa C, 06/05/2018

I love this notebook, please continue making it.

Reviewed by Myra P, 05/29/2018

My sisters and I ordered these Convention books last year and love them! They are perfect for taking notes. I especially love that my program is right in the book. No more program falling off my lap. I will continue to order these every year. Thanks for the quick shipping too.

Reviewed by Amy S, 05/17/2018

I love this notebook! I am so excited to use it! I love that the talk titles are already printed at the top of the page. Love, love, love!!!!

Reviewed by Erika W, 05/08/2018

I cant say enough about these notebooks! This year you added the beautiful cover so it's all the better. It's a must have for every assembly because of its ease of use in keeping all your notes in one place so organized and afterwards being able to find them by day and talk title at home. Thank you!!

Reviewed by Cora D, 05/02/2018

I was so excited when I received this notebook. I wish I could use it right now. The cover is beautiful and there are many pages to take lots of notes. I love the fact that the each talk is listed on the pages along with the convention program. This is truly a wonderful way to keep organized and useful when reviewing notes afterwards. Thank you so much. I will be ordering again.

Reviewed by SANDRA S, 04/25/2018


Reviewed by Marie B, 04/24/2018

Looking forward to using this notebook next month. I am used to using a larger book, but I wanted something smaller. The package also arrived in a timely fashion

Reviewed by Cheryl M, 04/24/2018

The notebooks are perfect for my grandchildren!!

Reviewed by Sandra N, 04/23/2018

For the past few years I have purchased these notebooks and love them. This year with all the color on the cover, it is very pretty. I have purchased one for my daughter as well, and she loves it too.
S. Noud

Reviewed by Lyn C, 04/20/2018

I have no get the Convention Notebook for about four years now - I like be them. The size is perfect and I like the fact that the talk titles and program are incorporated into the notebook. Also, the number of note pages for the each talk are more than adequate for everyone, even those who write LARGE!! Please keep making these.

L Mahoney

Reviewed by L.Melendez , 10/06/2017

I LOVE this notebook. My family used it for the convention. It was so convenient. Please continue to make them!

Reviewed by G. G, 07/04/2017

Love, love, love the notebooks. I have one for myself and purchased 2 more for 2 friends. I added our names. They are a perfect size. I have order the faux leather for years. They have been discontinued. However, these are of the same quality. I'm very pleased. Thank you for quality items

Reviewed by Carter F, 06/27/2017

This is our 3rd year ordering these convention books and they were excellent! My family loved having it and it made note taking simple. I'll order from C&H again. We received the order in less than a week. They are wonderful to work with.

Reviewed by A. G, 06/26/2017

My brother and husband love it!

Reviewed by WendiG , 06/21/2017

fantastic notebook. got for our whole crew. super convenient. thx for the rush order too - got them the day before convention - thank you thank you!

Reviewed by L. W, 06/12/2017

This is a very well made notebook. I bought it for a dear younger friend in my congregation and she just adores it! So much so that other friends have seen it and one for themselves.

Reviewed by Vickicpollock50@gmail.com , 05/23/2017

We just had our Regional Convention this last weekend. This is my 4th year using this notebook. I really love it. Makes taking notes easy and makes it easy to follow the program. Thanks for this notebook.

Reviewed by L M, 05/19/2017

I love the Convention Notebook -
This is my third year ordering this item! Just makes things so much easer with the titles of the talks already there, I just have to write in speaker's name in! And there are plenty of pages for notes for the talks whether you write big or small! Paper in notebook is great quality - my highliters don't bleed through - actually bought an extra one this year for my daughter who fell in love with mine last year. And also with the year and convention theme on the cover makes it easy to find for reviewing throughout the year after - Totally LOVE this product - thank you so much!!

Reviewed by L B, 05/16/2017

I didn't quite know what to expect. When I received these books, I was very impressed by the cover, pages and program. My family really enjoyed their copies. Great job.

Reviewed by Gayle S, 05/06/2017

Bought ten so I could have them as gifts. Everyone loves them. Perfect size!

Reviewed by R. M, 05/04/2017

Very useful and neatly arranged. Love that the program is included.

Reviewed by S. N, 05/03/2017

This is my third year getting this notebook and I love it!

Reviewed by J. A, 04/21/2017

So perfect for taking notes title if each talk already there no trying to juggle a program and notebook.

Reviewed by S. S, 09/01/2016


Reviewed by J P, 08/04/2016

Love the convention note taker. Very convenient.

Reviewed by A J, 07/27/2016

I love the book....I also ordered one for my brother who was just recently reactivated after being away for 12 years. This is his first convention and he loved it too!!!

Reviewed by T S, 07/12/2016

So perfect for taking notes title if each talk already there no trying to juggle a program and notebook.

Reviewed by S J, 07/08/2016

Thank you so much for these notebooks. As usual you don't disappoint. They are beautiful. I can't wait to give them as gifts. Thanks again.

Reviewed by S. N, 06/13/2016

Used the notebook for the first time last year and loved it. Got another one for this year.

Reviewed by E. W, 06/13/2016

This was the best idea! All of my notes fit perfectly in the notebook. It had the perfect amount of pages for each talk ready. And I especially love the page number feature so we can turn directly to each talk when reviewing the notes. I will definitely get this every year.

Reviewed by J H, 05/18/2016

Great notebook, so convenient just need to write the speakers name & plenty of pages for each talk. This is my 3rd year ordering& not my last!

Reviewed by T S, 05/08/2016

Great note taker and the talks titles at the top are an excellent convenience! Thank you!

Reviewed by R. M, 05/07/2016

The convention notebook's size & easy usage makes note taking a delight. Thanks

Reviewed by D. D, 09/18/2015

So convenient to have title of talks already on pages and lots of pages per each talk, too!!! Have used this notebook for a couple years now and look forward to using every year from now on!!!

Reviewed by J. L, 09/12/2015

This was great for our recent convention. Having everything in one place made it simple to take notes.

Reviewed by T C, 09/12/2015

This notebook was great! Made taking notes so easy. I also ordered for my sister and a friend.
Loved it! Will definitely order for the coming years conventions! Thanks C&H!

Reviewed by C C, 08/15/2015

I really appreciated this notebook, it was the perfect size and the header at the top if each page helped me follow the convention parts easily without flipping back and forth to the printed program, thanks so much

Reviewed by Ruby , 08/12/2015

I used the Regional Convention notebook first during the 2014 convention & I was so pleased with it that I had to get one for this year too. Thanks

Reviewed by J H, 08/11/2015

I bought 10 of them for family members and we loved them! They were the perfect size and made note taking a breeze! I will order them again next year for sure! Only one thing is I wish the songs had been included, but other than that, perfect!!

Reviewed by M. R, 07/19/2015

I loved this notebook...made taking notes so much easier. I will definitely order next year

Reviewed by K. J, 07/08/2015

This Regional convention notebook is a perfect size! I have ordered from other places, but this is the best notebook for our family. I loved that the program was already printed in the front of the book and the pages were numbered. So convenient. There was just enough pages for each talk and the entire layout was just perfect. Thank you so very much for a wonderful product that made our note taking so much easier. Well done and well thought out. Very happy!!!

Reviewed by J. P, 07/03/2015

This notebook is 'spiffy' / classy and professionally organized. 2nd year user.

Reviewed by S. S, 06/28/2015


Reviewed by Lucille G, 06/05/2015


Reviewed by Daphne J, 06/02/2015

Can't wait to use this notebook. Kids so excited about it. Great job.

Reviewed by K. C, 05/29/2015

I have downloaded other program notebooks, paid to have them bound. These are less expensive and better quality. It is so nice to be able to get extras to share.

Reviewed by Robert B, 05/28/2015

both my fiancee and I love these notebooks. They have everything we were looking for and much more. Thank you.

Reviewed by S.Meredith , 05/27/2015

I love this book it helps a lot you just need to write the brother's name that's giving the talk and page numbers helps you get there faster.

Reviewed by S. N, 05/27/2015

I really am looking forward to using this notebook in July. It looks beautiful and very useful and convenient for taking notes. I love how all the programs are already listed on each page.

Reviewed by Ray A, 05/27/2015

Excellent tool to keep us fully equip for our Regional Convention

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