Clear Spiral Combo Holder

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Clear spiral holder has side opening pockets to hold Tall Tracts and Magazines or Brochures. 3 pages are designed to hold 36 or more Tall Tracts. Tall Tract pages have a seam down the middle and pockets in the front and back which allow you to display a wide variety of tracts. 4 pages are designed to hold Magazines or Brochures. Pockets on the front and back of each page allow you to hold 16 or more Magazines or Brochures. The clear pockets allow you to easily show the householder a variety of magazines or brochures to see what may interest them. Also protects your literature in your bag. Side loading pockets make it easy to remove literature.

Reviewed by Bryce F, 01/20/2020

Great for out in the ministry and keeping everything nice and orderly!!

Reviewed by Kimberly J, 11/23/2019

Excellent idea.

Reviewed by Tamar M, 11/12/2019

This combo is super. I am very satisfied with it.

Reviewed by RUTH P, 08/02/2019

I do not like it. Vinyl pages are sticking together and hard to insert literature for me.

Reviewed by Brittany B, 05/20/2019

Love this service tool! I have had it for years and still in great condition! Just ordered more for new publishers in the congregation!

Reviewed by Martin R, 01/14/2019

Pleasantly surprised by the quality and price - After 50+ years of dogeared literature this will help me get my act together

Reviewed by Sherwood B, 11/23/2018

We loved these binders so much we bought two for another Brother and Sister!

Reviewed by Gloria O, 10/09/2018

I really like this product.

Reviewed by Amy S, 05/17/2018

This is a great product! It holds so much! It is sturdy and versatile! I love it!

Reviewed by Phyllis M, 05/16/2018

Excellent for field service! I had to order some for friends.

Reviewed by Cheryl M, 04/24/2018

This is perfect for the ministry! I ordered more for gifts!

C. Morrison

Reviewed by Phyllis M, 03/27/2018

I gave this product as a gift. A couple of Sisters inquired and asked me to order one for them!

Reviewed by Nicole M, 02/25/2018

Excellent magazine and tract jacket. It’s perfect for the ministry you can carry an array of publications suitable for public witnessing, door to door etc. Sturdy, efficient and well made. This is my second set because I wanted to share such a beautiful product with other witnesses. Will be ordering more in the future.

Reviewed by Janny Z, 01/03/2018

I love it so much. And I also give them out as a gift for my friends. They also love it .

Reviewed by Christine C, 11/23/2017

Again, another great product 👍! I purchased 2 to give as gifts & it didn't disappoint! I can't thank you enough for providing a means to keep everything so well organized!

Reviewed by Anissa , 09/05/2017

I love this product keeps everything organized and neat

Reviewed by j.fink , 08/26/2017

This is a sturdy but light weight product. I the spiral binding has a heavier plastic around the binding so I foresee it not wearing out quickly or tearing. I added the adhesive card holders to a magazine page to hold the smaller meeting invites and contact cards. love it so far!

Reviewed by PJones , 08/23/2017

Great for the ministry, keeps my tracts and magazines neat and orderly.

Reviewed by A. G, 06/26/2017

Ordered long time ago, it was time for a new one. I love it.

Reviewed by Shaniece , 05/03/2017

I had to buy another one because I used it so much. Great tool for the ministry!

Reviewed by Cheryl F, 04/11/2017

I love this, and gave as gifts, everyone loves it!! need to order more.

Reviewed by Charlotte L, 04/03/2017

I am enjoying this product. It keeps the tracts/magazines and brochures neat and orderly. I just have one would be an advantage to have the pockets open from the top instead of the side. Then everything could be available without removing the holder from my book bag.

Reviewed by JMattocks , 02/27/2017

Love my Clear Spiral combo holder, I love to be organized, and this is a great tool. Thank ya'll for your help with this.

Reviewed by M V, 02/16/2017

I had to purchase!!! Love these for the ministry. Keeps everything in order and in the best condition. You don't ever have to worry about the literature getting damaged. I bought some for my entire family and some in the congregation. Love the side pockets!!!!

Reviewed by H D, 02/15/2017

Really is a nice product. The only thing I see so far is my last two pages have slits in the top of them. I haven't even had them a month.

Reviewed by K E, 02/06/2017

Keeps literature organized. Very great to have.

Reviewed by CLarsen , 01/21/2017

Absolutely LOVE this! By far the greatest organizer I have found to fit my personal needs.

Reviewed by M D, 01/16/2017

I loveeeeee this! I am able to keep my literature organized. I know exactly what I have and how much. Definitely enjoy the ministry more when I am organized and prepared. This is very durable as well. Highly recommend. Thank you!

Reviewed by Kristie G, 01/11/2017

Very impressed with quality of product and price. Absolutely love it! I bought one for a pioneer sister and one for myself and now my whole family wants one too, so I'll be ordering several more.

Reviewed by S. O, 01/10/2017

Awesome for Field Service

Reviewed by B M, 01/10/2017

Very durable..had to order some for other friends

Reviewed by Jackie R, 12/12/2016

I love this product so much that when a young publisher said she wish she had one to keep her literature neat. I was more than happy to order her one. Now her father is jealous. Guess what I gave him your website address. :)

Reviewed by J. A, 11/29/2016

My husband and I love the combo organizer. It holds just the right amount of literature. It's easy and comfortable to take to the door. Since literature is not loose in a bag any more, nothing gets dogeared or damaged. Makes a great gift too.

Reviewed by T. S, 11/27/2016

I bought, myself one, because I am clumsy and messy. I have just , about, supplied the congregation with these; as my sister snatched mine. I am about to put another order in, again, for more of these. I cannot thank you, enough. All praise to our Grand Creator Jehovah!

Reviewed by C. B, 11/16/2016

Love It!! So much to where I convinced my friends to buy one. Very helpful in the ministry!

Reviewed by anissa , 10/13/2016

i love this because it keeps everything nice, neat and organized and in one place great idea and great gift for friends

Reviewed by L. K, 07/25/2016

Love the organizer...well designed, enough pockets for my English & Spanish tracts, light weight, mags & tracts all in one holder. Thanks for great product.

Reviewed by E. W, 06/13/2016

This is a great organizer. It does not look like it will hold everything that the description says it can but it is very efficient. All your tracts, brochures and magazines in one easy to access holder. The only suggestion would be to add edge guards so that the plastic will stay firm.

Reviewed by C.Beharie , 06/06/2016

Great organizer and keeps the literature nice and presentable. I ordered a few and gave as gifts.

Reviewed by R. M, 05/07/2016

The clear spiral literature holder keeps the magazines & tracts neat & easily assessable for the ministry.

Reviewed by Janny Z, 04/19/2016

I love this product and It's useful for the field service. It also a good present for our friends.

Reviewed by L. E, 04/08/2016

I love this! It is light, holds plenty and easy to slide magazines in and out of. I ordered some for family and friends and they all like them.

Reviewed by September W, 03/29/2016

I filled the combo with March msgs, tracts and Memorial invitations and took out in service the day after receiving. My prev clear holder had side openings for the tracts and they always fell out if not held upright. The combo has a top opening for tracts so they remain inside and in order. When in street work, it's easy to allow people to choose the tract or magazine of their choice. When going from door-door, it's very easy when carrying only the combo and your bible. It also works well when doing business territory; the manager can quickly accept literature or allow you to leave the magazines/tracts for employees. The look is very professional!

Reviewed by M N, 03/19/2016

Is easy for look what you need because everything is in order. Is very practical you have both together.

Reviewed by J C, 03/09/2016

Love it. It's so convenient to have the magazines and tracks together. Very nice for the ministry

Reviewed by Renee D, 03/03/2016

Love this item! Have ordered several gifts. Everyone wants one.

Reviewed by J.Wise , 01/16/2016

This combination of the tracts and magazines is so convenient at the door. I ordered more for the friends and another one for me.

Reviewed by Vanessa , 12/28/2015

I absolutely love it! It's so convenient and the perfect size. I have everything that I would need but don't have way too many magazines with me. It's perfect and I love that it is clear so people, esp the householder, can see what exactly you are offering. I would recommed to all and I plan to buy a few more of these for some friends in my hall. Amazing!

Reviewed by S B, 10/08/2015

well made and neat. not heavy to carry and displays the artwork of the literature beautifully. I love that it holds tracts, magazines, and brochures, all in one handy notebook size carrier. the spiral doesn't snag your clothes, and it allows the pages to turn freely. Everyone that has seen it wants one!

Reviewed by J. L, 09/12/2015

Love, love, love this! Simple, streamlined to have everything you need in one place. It's not cumbersome. Will be buying more.

Reviewed by J.Smart , 06/26/2015

A wonderfully made product! Very handy while engaging in the ministry. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by N A, 06/24/2015

Not only easy to use but I can quickly tell what items I am running low on so I always have what I need on hand. I found that I can also place my tablet onto one of the pages and use it without having to pull it out. I do that for return visits. I love that I can find quickly whatever item I need. I appreciate having this.

Reviewed by Daphne J, 06/02/2015

Great way to organize literature and keep them neat and tidy.

Reviewed by K. C, 05/29/2015

Everytime I am in service, people love mine. So when I place an order, I had a couple, that way I have a few to share with others. Especially the older ones on fixed incomes, it is easier than teaching them how to use their tablets.

Reviewed by S.Meredith , 05/27/2015

easy to use and carry, keeps the magazines and tracts in good shape.

Reviewed by A E, 04/26/2015

My loves it! It's so easy to use while she's doing airport witnessing. We're not allowed any carts yet, so she can hold alot of material in this binder. Thank you

Reviewed by m H, 04/16/2015

I really appreciate how much item helps with keeping the literature neat and clean.

Reviewed by K. C, 03/30/2015

Had both of the other tall tract holder and the magazine holder, this is so much better. Have ordered several.

Reviewed by Y. H, 03/26/2015

My wife loves it. It's too easy to use and carry, keeping the magazines and tracts in good shape.

Reviewed by Elizabeth R, 03/25/2015

Nice to be able to carry everything I need when out in service and every place I go, without my literature get messy. Thanks

Reviewed by M. N, 03/20/2015

I've ordered this product for myself, my mom, niece, husband...even friends from my congregation, everyone loves them! thank you!

Reviewed by J S, 03/19/2015

Keeps literature and book bag neat, like very much

Reviewed by J R, 02/26/2015

This product is great. Since the magazines are now thinner, it takes more effort to keep them looking fresh and attractive. The idea of a combination tract/magazine holder is both efficient and practical. Thanks a lot!!!

Reviewed by NArce , 02/18/2015

I think this is a perfect product to use in ministry. It keeps lit nice and neat, easy to locate items and is lightweight. There are enough pockets to hold what I need for the day without it become bulky and heavy, so my back n shoulders did not hurt.

Reviewed by K B, 02/04/2015

This is just what we need for the ministry. It's light and compact; it keeps our supplies neat and orderly.

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