Contact Card Holder With Adhesive Back

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Clear contact card holder with adhesive back allows you to keep your contact cards handy for every form of witnessing.  Comfortably holds at least 7 contact cards. Opens on the long side but can be placed any direction you prefer. Can be attached to any smooth, flat surface. Will not make your Bible significantly stiffer when bending. Does not stick well to fabric.

Reviewed by Yvonne C, 01/09/2020

I bought one for my husband's service bible, and have since had to buy more for others! Very handy item.

Reviewed by Jael S, 10/12/2019

I love that it’s adhesive and can be placed anywhere. I have 2, one on my tract holder and another on my magazine holder. No more searching in my bag/pockets/wallet for contact cards!

Reviewed by Kristie B, 01/22/2019

I like to add this to my combo deluxe organizer. It is also nice for international or pioneer gifts. KBurnett

Reviewed by Tasha B, 06/21/2018

T. Brelland
Very helpful in keeping contact cards clean and organized!

Reviewed by Sharon W, 04/11/2018

Perfect fit I love it. S.Washingon

Reviewed by Brenda M, 02/26/2018

I just love these attached to the clear magazine holder. They're very well made.

Reviewed by Mdawkins , 11/23/2017

Love this item, it help me to stay organized for the ministry. Good quality too. Will order again.

Reviewed by M.MCEACHERN , 11/18/2017


Reviewed by Dorine L, 08/03/2017

yes, sharing these, too!!!

Reviewed by Gregory &, 07/09/2017

Love this. Makes cards more accessible.

Reviewed by S. S, 05/16/2017

Love it! I stuck this on the inside of my service organizer and it works great, it can hold at least 10 contact cards and the sticky back is very sticky

Reviewed by E Z, 05/01/2017

Excellent product and fast delivery of item.

Reviewed by Cheryl F, 04/11/2017

I have used it in my Bible, my Phone Case, and on my Tablet cover, love it! and gave as gifts to the friends and they love it too.

Reviewed by M V, 02/16/2017

Love this! It's great since it can be placed anywhere. I've got in my combo spiral holder. Love that everything is together.

Reviewed by R O, 02/07/2017

Very satisfied with product

Reviewed by CLarsen , 01/21/2017

Very well made and so handy! I attached it to the last page of my clear spiral organizer. All my service things combined and tidy, Love it!

Reviewed by M D, 01/16/2017

Love this. Very convenient. Placed it on my spiral literature holder. It sticks to the plastic very well. It's awesome. Thank you!

Reviewed by B M, 01/10/2017

this was great idea,,I have ordered many of these..makes easy access to cards

Reviewed by M. M, 12/18/2016

I loved these I immediately used them and will be buying more as gifts for friends.

Reviewed by Peggy B, 12/03/2016

Convenient. I gave them to Brothers & Sisters in my congregation.

Reviewed by Vanessa , 09/23/2016

I love how handy and well made they are!

Reviewed by B. H, 09/19/2016

convenient, adaptable, adhere well great little gift

Reviewed by C T, 03/29/2016

Wish I would have ordered more to give to friends. Great way to keep organized.

Reviewed by PJones , 03/24/2016

Love it. Easy to use in service.

Reviewed by Renee D, 03/03/2016

Nice idea! Can stick anywhere that is convenient for you. I will order more.

Reviewed by C.Kingery , 01/21/2016

Nice quality and holds at least 4 cards (that's all I had but I'm guessing about 8). Great price so we bought 10 and handed them out to the friends.

Reviewed by G. G, 01/04/2016

Helps to keep me organized. I placed it exactly where instructed. Perfect! Open my bible and instant access to my cards....thank you so much brothers.

Reviewed by T. C, 08/04/2015

Great idea to keep cards neat

Reviewed by S. S, 06/28/2015


Reviewed by E.Perment , 06/24/2015

Love it. makes it easier to grab a card from the bible

Reviewed by D S, 06/13/2015

perfect. kept on first page of Bible for immediate access. TAM

Reviewed by C V, 06/11/2015

Great idea! In the Bible seems the most appropriate place. Convenient!

Reviewed by S.Meredith , 05/27/2015

very convenient, I love it I have it in my bible

Reviewed by M. N, 04/17/2015

These are great!

Reviewed by M H, 04/16/2015

I wish the quality would have been better.

Reviewed by K. C, 03/30/2015

Seem to stick well, I put mine on the tract/magazine holder. See how it holds up next winter.

Reviewed by D. M, 03/25/2015

So very convenient..great idea.

Reviewed by E S, 03/11/2015

These also, everyone loves them and they are so nice to give as little gifts. I love them also.

Reviewed by M M, 02/23/2015

I just love these. They are the perfect touch to help carry the new little cards.

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Placing in Bible

It is recommended that you place the Contact Card Holder on either the front or back white page of your Bible. 

Pocket Size Bible can only hold one Contact Card Holder per page.

Standard Size Bible can hold two Contact Card Holders per page.

Large Print Bible can hold four Contact Card Holders per page.


Other ideas of where to place Contact Card Holders

  • Back of a cell phone or tablet case
  • Purse
  • Notebook
  • Vinyl Campaign Organizer
  • Field Service Organizer
  • Ministry Organizer

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