Deluxe Clear Spiral Combo Holder

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Our most popular product ever now holds even more. Clear spiral holder has pockets to hold Tall Tracts, Magazines, Brochures, and Invitations. 3 pages are designed to hold 48 or more Tall Tracts. Tall Tract pages have a seam down the middle and pockets in the front and back which allow you to display a wide variety of tracts. 3 pages are designed to hold Magazines or Brochures. Pockets on the front and back of each page allow you to hold 16 or more Magazines or Brochures. 1 page is designed to hold 40 or more Invitations for the Memorial or Regional Convention. When not needed for Invitations, this page could also hold Post-it notes, territory cards, and a wide variety of other helpful items. The clear pockets allow you to easily show the householder a variety of magazines, brochures, or tracts to see what may interest them. Also protects your literature in your bag. Side loading pockets make it easy to remove literature.

Reviewed by Candice N, 01/05/2020

Love it! combined with contact card holder and meeting invite holder to easily carry an entire toolbox in one hand!

Reviewed by Kimberly J, 11/23/2019

More diversified.

Reviewed by Grecia S, 04/23/2019

I love this spiral holder! It organizes everything so nicely and since it’s clear, it’s easy to see where everything is, I have no problems with it at all. The fact that it’s spiral helps a lot. I highly recommend it to everyone!!

Reviewed by Gary C, 04/03/2019

This is a great product. With the reduced # of items we offer as part of our teaching toolbox, this can hold most of them in a very slim package. Love that it is clear so that you can easily see what you may be looking for. I highly recommend it. Great product for service.

Reviewed by Janet G, 03/05/2019

So far I'm extremely pleased. I added a contact card holder and invitation holder to the front. Looks really nice and I love having room for all the tracts. I use one of the magazine holders for my tablet too. Everything you need for a nice day in service. I would definitely recommend this item.

Reviewed by John W, 02/27/2019

I love having the Magazine and Tracts all in one. the material is very durable. also the spiral makes it easier to access different material faster.

Reviewed by Kristie B, 01/22/2019

I love this binder. It is all I need along with my tablet. KBurnett

Reviewed by sheamah m, 11/03/2018

I love it, great for the ministry. Light weight has a place to hold my magazines, brochure, tracts and invitation. Great price.

Reviewed by Janeen C, 09/27/2018

Great product. I bought one for myself and some as gifts. Helps keep items organized and clean. I would highly recommend it.
J Cousin

Reviewed by DOROTHY S, 09/27/2018

I do like the product except the side pocket makes its hard to take out the literature, that is why it's recommend that if at all possible you make the pockets upwards. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work!!!!!

Reviewed by Cam H, 08/21/2018

C. Hawkins 08/21/18 It is a practical design and the friends love it and have now ordered their own because no words are needed to describe how practical it is. I only wish there was just one more leaf for magazines in it. Love the discounted bulk pricing.

Reviewed by Sabrina O, 04/03/2018

I absolutely love this combo holder it is grandly useful in the ministry

Reviewed by W T, 02/02/2018

I love this literature holder!! It's lightweight so it's easy to carry. Has a place for magazines/brochures, tracts and invitations. And the spiral binding makes it easy to flip thru. I've already recommended it to friends. And it's reasonably priced - so it's also a great gift option!

Reviewed by BK J, 01/17/2018

This spiral organizer is wonderful! Holds tracts. Magazines. Brochures, campaign and convention invitations in one place. No more fumbling for literature, no more wrinkled literature. Great to use alone or carry in your literature bag. I have ordered and reordered this product to share with friends.

Reviewed by Gloria M, 12/26/2017

I really love these for the ministry. However the old one I had the pockets were on top of the holder. Which I like so much better, the magazines and tracts don't fall out as your opening the folder to get something out. But will be ordering more for friends.

Reviewed by Raquel , 10/30/2017

I ordered the Deluxe Clear Spiral combo Holder. I love it. I have everything in one place. And it allows the householders to see what tracts I have and they can let me know what they are interested in reading. At the same time it protects my literature.

Reviewed by S W, 10/13/2017

This product is great. Would and have recommended it to others. I also gave me as a gift.

Reviewed by M T, 10/06/2017

I just love this! I have C & H's older spiral holders, which you load literature in from the top, which I have had for years! They hold up wonderful, but when I saw this spiral holder that load from the side, it was time to update! They are made well, heavy duty plastic, which works well for this pioneer!

Reviewed by M E, 09/23/2017

Spiral binding is so convenient for getting to whatever piece of literature you are after. Protects from weather and getting wrinkled. Perfectly sized for all literature to fit.

Reviewed by Gregory &, 07/09/2017

We like the fact that this spiral holder allows you to carry multiple publications in one tidy binder. With it being clear, it allows you to see and go directly to what is needed. It is made of a nice durable material. Great way to keep things organized.

Reviewed by Janet , 05/11/2017

I just received this today and I love how its organized. The only thing is that the side pocket makes its hard to take out the literature, that is why recommend if you make the pockets upwards

Reviewed by Cheryl F, 04/11/2017

Just received this one in time for our Memorial Campaign and I love the fact that you can have your invites along with your Magazines and Tracts all in one. I also put my Phone in one of the slots with the video all ready to play... great for rainy days too!

Reviewed by Katrina , 03/22/2017

This is an awesome addition to my book bag. Spiral spine makes it easy to use. Pockets are double sided. Pockets for campaign tracts are useful for small books also. Made very durable!

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