Invitation Clear Vinyl Holder

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Clear custom fit vinyl pocket helps protect your Convention or Memorial Invitations from soil, ink marks, etc.  Comfortably holds 20 or more invitations. Opens on the long side. Volume discounts apply to purchase of 10 or more.

Reviewed by RUTH P, 08/02/2019

works well

Reviewed by MARIAN M, 04/30/2019


Reviewed by Melody H, 04/15/2019

Excellent product for the ministry. Bought extras for the friends. I really enjoy this product.

Reviewed by Patricia T, 04/15/2019

Reviwed by P.T 4/15/2019
These holders is perfect for the campaigns family love this because it help us to keep the invitations nice and clean.This will make a great gift for the friend's.

Reviewed by Patricia T, 04/15/2019

Reviewed by P. Turner 4/15/2019
These holders is perfect for the campaigns work .We love our holders because it help us to keep the invitations nice and clean.
I wished that i had order more
These will make a perfect gifts

Reviewed by Adelie C, 04/03/2019

Truly a convenient gift for the campaign. One small thing, I left service bag in car and it got cold. The plastic, if bent, will freeze and to get original shape is super difficult. Learned my scientific lesson. Plastic and cold... Bad mix lol wish the plastic was more pliable

Reviewed by Erika W, 05/08/2018

Lightweight and perfect for the campaign seasons. I have been looking for something like this for some time now. Thanks!!

Reviewed by Sharon W, 04/11/2018

I loved this invitation holder so much that I ordered more and gave them to friends in my congregation they loved them as well. S. Washington

Reviewed by Richelle T, 04/10/2018

Love this small holder because it fits nicely into service bags and can be easily carried separately for informal moments. Also no more crumpled or dog eared invitations!

Reviewed by Sabrina O, 04/03/2018

Very helpful in the ministry

Reviewed by Nicole M, 02/25/2018

Perfect for campaigns. Will be using it for upcoming memorial. Sturdy serve it’s purpose.

Reviewed by M. M, 11/18/2017


Reviewed by M E, 09/23/2017

Perfectly sized for our campaigns. I always buy a few and hand them out to some I’m working with during the campaigns. They love it too!

Reviewed by K L, 08/25/2017

I ordered 4. We are doing invitations now. Great way to keep track of placements and keeps them neat. We all recommend them.

Reviewed by Ashley M, 08/04/2017

Great product! Invitations fit perfectly and the openings allow easy access to invitations. Can't wait to use it for next campaign!

Reviewed by G. G, 07/04/2017

Every year I have to order more. When the friends see them they want one as well! Perfect for the them!!

Reviewed by S. S, 05/16/2017

I really love this little pocket, the invitations fit great inside of it and keep them looking nice.

Reviewed by Cheryl F, 04/11/2017

Gave many to my friends, and we all loved it, holds 25 to 30 without damage, and that helps with count. I will order more soon. I wish I could give everyone one.

Reviewed by John C, 04/04/2017

This is Great for the invite campaign! Members in the Congregation saw what I ordered and wanted also. So I ordered more an shared with them.

Reviewed by A. J, 04/04/2017

The plastic is thick, great quality, and keeps the invitations protected and neat. Great product, I should've gotten more :)

Reviewed by D. B, 03/30/2017

Wonderful product. Perfect for keeping invitations neat and accessible. Gave some as gifts to pioneers and they loved it as well. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Reviewed by Katrina , 03/22/2017

Perfect for tract work. Made very durable and big enough to get tracts in or out without damage.

Reviewed by anissa , 10/13/2016

i love this it keeps invitations nice and neat and my friends love it as well

Reviewed by Betty C, 07/25/2016

i gave them as gifts. have to order more

Reviewed by M N, 03/19/2016

Kept one for me and gave others as gifts. Excellent.

Reviewed by D. D, 12/14/2015

bought several and shared...everyone loved it, myself included...looking forward to using in march!!!

Reviewed by D. F, 07/29/2015

Love my invitation folder, I ordered them for all in my field service group and pioneer partners. They loved them. We started our campaign last week. Keeps my invitations nice and neat.

Reviewed by S. S, 06/28/2015


Reviewed by D S, 06/13/2015

Oh my what a lovely, practical item. It keeps the invitations nice and neat so they won't become dog eared or get wet when in the ministry. TAM=Thanks a Million.

Reviewed by C V, 06/11/2015

Had not seen an item like this before. Intend to order more to give to other pioneers to keep their invitations neat for the ministry

Reviewed by M H, 04/16/2015

I'm real impressed with this item because it keeps the invites looking nice.

Reviewed by E. J, 04/02/2015

Think this is an excellent product. Keeps the invitations from getting sweaty, curled up, etc.

Reviewed by K. C, 03/30/2015

Great for the invites, ordered plenty so I could share, makes great gifts, especially for the little ones.

Reviewed by F.Von , 03/30/2015

What a great idea to keep invites from damage. Kept one for myself and gave others as gifts for newly baptized ones, who were so thrilled.

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This is also a great general purpose way to hold House to House Slips, notes, and Contact Cards. A very simple way to add a little organization to your service bag. This is the perfect gift for pioneers and others in your service group.

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