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Your name and congregation printed on a business-card sized blank clear plastic for insertion into your own badge card holder in front of your lapel card. Two type styles: Calligraphy and Times New Roman. Maximum 22 letters and spaces per line. Can be used year after year.

Any item that is personalized may not be returned unless there is a defect or an error on our part.

Reviewed by Joel Y, 08/17/2019

We had them before but over time we have misplaced them, so we ordered them again. We love them, we also ordered some for our friends in the congregation, and they fell in love with them too. We got so many thank you we love theme that it warmed our heart to do something like this for them. We got them right on time. I spelt one name wrong and I called and they were kind enough to fix my spelling without any issue. I highly recommend the calligraphy option... it looks spectacular

Reviewed by Ruby M, 08/03/2019

Ruby M. What a marvelous & legible way to display our identity in our convention badges. Perfect for all the friends I’ve ordered for in the past as well.

Reviewed by April J, 07/30/2019

I really like this product. I don't have to worry about my handwriting being sloppy. I bought it for myself a few years go and just recently for my in-laws. It is a great inexpensive gift that anyone will love.

Reviewed by Lyn B, 07/05/2019

The name inserts are wonderful very professional looking, I give them as gifts as well, thanks for making them for us!!!!

Reviewed by Gwen G, 05/25/2019

I have orderd these for years for the friends. With all the changes, & moves to new congregations, I had to order new ones for myself & my adult children and my grandson. I even ordered one for my pioneer partner. She loved it! Perfect shipping as usual. They came right on time for our convention.

Reviewed by MARIAN M, 04/30/2019


Reviewed by maria m, 03/19/2019

I ordered these in the past; but our congregation was fusioned. So I ordered a new one and I also got some for some of my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters. They LOVED the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Weusi K, 07/11/2018

W Kennebrew Atlanta. This is my second set and ordered for gifts. Now friends will order in future. So convenient.

Reviewed by I. F, 07/07/2017

I have ordered these in the past, I have never had an issue with them, the reason I ordered again is bc we (hubby and I) were relocated to a different congregation, the name badgers came precisely as I ordered, let's not speak of the shipping, it was super fast...this is very convenient specially for those who have sloppy handwriting, this is the problem solver.

Reviewed by D.Maxwell , 07/05/2017

The name inserts are wonderful. I ordered 25+ and plan on ordering more because the turned out very nice. I highly recommend them!!!

Reviewed by L. W, 06/12/2017

I ordered quite a few of these to give to friends and family for the convention and they all love them! We cannot wait to wear them. Brilliant idea to be able to use them year after year.

Reviewed by R. M, 05/29/2017

Love the beautiful, legible print that makes reading our names & congregations so easy.

Reviewed by L B, 05/16/2017

This item is wonderful. I never have to write my name on my card. I can use it over and over again. Wonderful ideal.

Reviewed by G. N, 04/26/2017

LOVE these name inserts. After getting them for my husband and I, I've ordered several more for friends.

Reviewed by Karen F, 04/24/2017

We love these. We get a lot of compliments on them and everyone wants to know where we got them. So, we tell them.

Reviewed by Villa B, 02/26/2017

Love them and got some for family too

Reviewed by A. G, 09/26/2016

I saw a friend with it and had to have it! Great.

Reviewed by D. L, 07/26/2016

My mom and dad loved this item. Now in their 70's, they no longer need to try and write their names on their name badges. It's now done neatly each and every time!

Reviewed by Betty C, 07/25/2016

I love it. i also gave them as gifts, they also love them. a sister even asked me can I get her one.

Reviewed by F. B, 07/22/2016

Love this item! Easy for others to read who I am and where I'm from without handwriting issues!

Reviewed by Gina B, 06/30/2016

I ordered these for all the adults in our hall for the upcoming convention. The friends were so happy, everyone was so thankful. It was expressed to me how it made some feel truly as one brotherhood.

Reviewed by D. V, 06/08/2016

Loved the insert.

Reviewed by F. N, 05/17/2016

What a practical and attractive idea! Loved it so much that I ordered 6 of them, and the recipients all were thrilled!

Reviewed by GMoore , 02/13/2016

Had been searching for this a long time. Can't wait to use! I have recommended it already to other friends.

Reviewed by D. L, 02/13/2016

I no longer need to write our names on our badges! Absolutely love this item!

Reviewed by M. M, 01/31/2016

I ordered several of these to give away. .They totally LOVED THEM!!! GOT LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS at the Convention.They mentioned that other Brothers and sisters asked them, where they had gotten the ID so nice and neat...

Reviewed by D J, 01/23/2016

Long term investment

Reviewed by D. D, 09/18/2015

Love not having to type my badge anymore. Love this insert!!!

Reviewed by D. F, 07/29/2015

Since I changed congregations I had to get a new one. I love this because I don't have to write my name and congregation every year. I just stick it in my badge holder and go. I got one for my family and friends.

Reviewed by Rosie , 06/17/2015

They came out great. It is so good to have and not write my name. The fact that I can use it for each convention is great.

Reviewed by Gwen G, 06/03/2015

I ordered this item for myself & my family a few years ago. I have since ordered them as gifts for friends. They love them and thank me for a great gift that they can use year after year!!

Reviewed by Daphne J, 06/02/2015

Reusable. A great investment to last for years. A more official look.

Reviewed by S.Meredith , 05/27/2015

Better than my handwriting, a good investment,

Reviewed by F. V, 03/30/2015

You have no idea how happy and encouraging it was to receive this as a gift a number of years ago. It is beautiful and professional looking. Much better than my handwriting, and lasts for years. It is a good investment, and gift.

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Personalized items may not be returned unless the item is defective or there was an error on our part. If you find an error on a personalized item, please contact us as soon as possible so we may correct it for you.

If you are unhappy with an item you have purchased, you may return it to us within 7 days of receiving your item. Contact us before returning the item so we can provide you with instructions on the best way to return the item. This will help you save money and insure there are no problems with the return. Returned items must be in new condition with no signs of wear. If there are signs of wear, it will reduce the refund or credit you receive. For a returned item, you can receive either store credit or a refund. 

In an effort to save you money, we may ask for digital pictures of a damaged or defective item if you are able to provide them.



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